Your monthly fuel expenses can be a major part of your overall budget. But with the DK Debit Card, you can save money at the pump. Here are all the benefits you can get.

The cost of owning a car goes beyond just the cost of the vehicle and its maintenance. The fuel is a crucial component of the cost of owning a car and is also one of the biggest expenses incurred by people on a monthly basis.

In fact, CPI-U of motor fuel is about 3.9, on average. Additionally, the average finance costs of new car purchases increased by 24% in 2019. The average cost of vehicle ownership is now $773.50 per month.

This makes up a significant portion of the monthly budget of the average American. However, owning a vehicle is of the utmost importance too. So, you need to find a way to reduce the expense incurred each month. A great way of going about this is by saving on fuel.

But how can you achieve that?

This is where the DK Debit Card comes into the picture. Opting for this card has a multitude of benefits and one of them is a reduction in the cost of fuel.

So, let’s take a look at the advantages of owning the ALON/DK Debit Card.

How Can the DK Debit Card Help You?

The DK Debit Card is a secure and convenient way to pay at all Alon and DK locations. You’ll get the convenience of paying for your purchase without annual fees or finance charges. Plus you’ll save on ever gallon, and discounts on purchases at any DK or ALON location. Here are the primary advantages of the DK Debit Card.

  1. Instant Savings on Fuel

    Whenever you refuel at ALON/DK fuel stations, you’ll be eligible for a savings of up to 5 cents per gallon. The average automobile sedan tank is about 18.5 gallons.
    So, the 5 cent saving translates to nearly a dollar for every full tank that you fill. In terms of the current price, for every gallon, you’d be saving about 2%.

  2. Instant Rebates

    Whenever you shop at any DK/ALON locations using your DK Debit Card, you’ll get a 2% discount on in-store purchases.Now that you know how the DK Debit Card can help you out, let’s take a look at some of the other advantages that it offers.

Advantages of DK Debit Card

  1. No Credit Check

    Getting a DK Debit Card is easy. To get started, head to your local ALON/ DK location to pick up your card, and then register your new account online. The process is quick and requires no credit checks, unlike other debit cards where you’d need to go through the long procedure of credit checks.

  2. Easy to Manage

    One of the other advantages of the DK Debit Card is that you can manage the card with ease. You can seamlessly access it online and manage your account. It’s also possible to add additional cards to your account without any additional charges.What’s more? You’ll also receive email receipts after every successful purchase.

  3. Safe and Secure

    Every transaction that you make through the DK Debit Card is safe and secured by a 4-digit User ID/PIN. This ensures that your account is as safe as it would be with any other debit card out there.The DK Debit Card is managed by ZipLine, which is a leading private label debit card processor. They comply with the rules and regulations of the Federal Reserve and have a powerful firewall along with other security protocols. All your personal data, too, is encrypted in real-time.

    What’s more? ZipLine continuously tracks and limits your exposure to fraud. This ensures that you’ll never be held liable for any unauthorized transactions on your card.

  4. Possible to Link to Bank Account

    You can use your DK Debit Card like any other debit card at the pump or in any ALON/DK location. This is made possible by linking your bank account to the card. This way, you’ll be able to process your payments in a fast and secure manner with ease.

Now that you know the advantages of the DK Debit Card, let’s take a look at how you can get your card.

How to Get Your ALON/DK Debit Card?

  1. Head to any ALON/DK location and pick up your debit card. You can find the nearest store to you here.
  2. Head to the DK Debit Card website and click on “Sign Up Today.”
  3. That’s all. You’re all set to start using your DK Debit Card and start saving on fuel and in-store purchases at any ALON/DK location.

Now that you know how you can get a DK Debit Card, here are some FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long does it take for your account to become active?

    Once you’ve registered for the card, your account will become active instantly. You’ll receive an email with verification instructions.

  2. Can I add another card to my account?

    Yes, it’s possible to share your account with someone else. Once you’ve got your original card, head to a store, and pick up another one. You can then call us to activate it.

  3. Are there any fees involved?

    There is currently not an enrollment fee, and we do not charge a fee to the consumer for the use of the rewards or payment programs. Your payment account may be subject to an annual maintenance fee which will be disclosed at enrollment and/or prior to any fee amount being debited from your bank account. We do however charge a Return Fee in the event that your bank returns a transaction unpaid. For this reason, we recommend that you have Overdraft Protection on the account used for your payment card transactions to potentially avoid additional return fees.

  4. Is the PIN the same as my current bank account PIN?

    No, the User ID/PIN for the DK Debit Card can be different from that of your bank account PIN. You can set up any four-digit PIN for your debit card. This will be the PIN that you’ll have to use for your transactions, so it is important to remember your PIN in order to use this method of payment.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your DK Debit Card today!