Keeping it Cool During the Summer Heat

From the Northeast to the Midwest, all the way to Texas, and up the West Coast, summer is summer and temperatures are likely to be HOT! And while we typically await the warmer months with anticipation, it is likely that your car isn’t as prepared for the heat as you are.

If it’s 90 degrees outside, then your parked car is likely experiencing temperatures near 110 degrees, or higher, on the inside. Not only are these high heats unpleasant, but they can cause major damage to your vehicle.

Abide by these summer rules to help make sure that you and your car both are ready for the summer!

Park smart – A good parking spot can help reduce the amount of heat that will be trapped inside of your car. When parking, look for shady spots and/or covered parking. You can also invest in a good sun shade or in a window tinting treatment. Another option is to use a beach towel to drape across your car’s seats, steering wheel, and dashboard. Lastly, cracking a window or purchasing a solar-powered ventilator fan can help to give the hot air an exit route.

Carry plenty of fluids – Just as your body needs to stay hydrated, so does your car. Make sure that your car has plenty of coolant and antifreeze running through the engine. It’s also smart to carry backup fluids just in case of an emergency.

Reduce friction while driving – A low inflated tire will cover more surface area on the scorching pavement than a tire that abides by a vehicle’s guidelines, located inside the driver side door. This increases the likelihood of blowing a tire and finding yourself stranded on the road. Make sure to keep your tires properly inflated so that the heat caused by the friction doesn’t become too great.

Cool off – Using air conditioning for portions of your trip are a great way to help reduce the temperature in your engine, cool off, and improve mileage. However, it is not advised to use air conditioning all of the time. Another great way to cool off is to stop at a gas station or run by a drive-thru for a cool refreshment such as an ice-cold slushy or an ice cream cone.

The summer heat can be life-threatening if you’re not properly prepared for it. In addition to the above advice, make sure that you never leave a child or an animal alone in a parked car without proper ventilation. Likewise, if you come across an individual or pet in a vehicle with no apparent ventilation, you are advised to call 911. The summer days are meant for fun, don’t let car trouble dampen your days.