It’s no secret that packing can be an overwhelming task! Maybe that’s why so many of us wait until the last possible minute to start packing only to end up throwing our whole life in a bag. We think that because we grabbed everything in sight then there’s no way that we’ve left out any of the essentials. That is at least until we realize that we overlooked a phone charger or a toothbrush or deodorant and the list goes on.

To help ease the pain of packing for your next trip, use this trusty packing list to make sure that you are ready for any situation!

For the car

  • Driver’s license
  • Car registration and insurance information
  • Car manual
  • Extra car key (kept on a separate key ring)
  • AAA Memberships and/or phone number for roadside assistance
  • Spare tire with a tire jack and necessary tools
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Phone holder and charging cable that works with your car
  • AUX cord to play music in areas where there’s no satellite signal
  • GPS system (if using something other than your phone) and a paper map for a back up (electronics can die or you may run out of cell range)
  • Roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer (not all rest stops are created equal)
  • Emergency cash (stored out of sight of course)
  • Duck tape

For the passengers

  • Travel pillow and blankets
  • Eye mask
  • UV window shades
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel cup/water bottle and water (in bulk)
  • Pain medication
  • Entertainment (books, movies, road games)
  • Camera
  • A killer playlist
  • Body wipes
  • Mini hairbrush
  • Snacks and a car cooler
  • Garbage bags or a trash bin (perfect for easy cleanup and great for any unexpected illnesses)
  • Swiss army knife

Clothing and personal items

  • Phone
  • A daypack with items that you might need during shorter stops along your journey
  • Laundry bag
  • Tide To-Go Pen
  • Hat, hairbrush, and hair ties
  • Prescriptions
  • Rain gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfy clothes for the journey (think about shoes that can be slipped on and off quickly)
  • Toiletries

The journey itself is part of the fun and adventure. Make sure you are able to be present for all of your trip by eliminating the what am I forgetting feeling. Happy traveling!