Labor Day is the day that you should plan to relax and destress. Here are some ways to destress and practice self-care this Labor Day.

Labor Day is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. In addition to honoring the contribution of working men and women of this country, it’s the ideal time to bid adieu to the scorching summer. With Labor Day also comes a long weekend which is a great time to take a break and enjoy relaxing activities with your loved ones.

While celebrating Labor Day at home can be just as fun, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to leverage a long weekend while staying safe during this current pandemic. Whether you’re craving an idyllic vacation or a refreshing picnic with your family, Labor Day weekend is a perfect time. All you need is a car and the company of your loved ones.

We’ve handpicked some fun and joyful ideas for you. Let’s take a look.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

A long weekend is just the right time to go on a road trip with your friends and family. From national parks and lakes to gorgeous mountains and beaches – you’ll find a plethora of options. Plan your itinerary in advance and make sure you pack plenty of snacks for the road. Check the route and find out whether you need any special permits. Don’t forget to book your accommodations as well.

The best way to enjoy a road trip is to turn on your favorite music and let the fresh air inside your car. Don’t hesitate to make plenty of pit stops to capture the gorgeous landscapes. You can even take a short detour from your itinerary to visit a nearby landmark or attraction.

Go Car Camping

If you’ve been feeling burnt out from your daily routine, camping is the ideal way to rejuvenate yourself. Car camping is suitable for people who love the thrill of living amidst nature but don’t want to compromise on luxury. Unlike backpacking or hiking to a campsite, it saves you the trouble of physically carrying your camping gear.

Instead, you can load everything you need including glamping gear, comfortable tents, generators, etc. into your vehicle before heading out. Moreover, you get to carry plenty of snacks and beverages and can even bring a grill for barbequing. The best part is that most state and national parks let you drive your vehicle to the campsite.

Pack a Picnic

If you don’t have the time or resources to go on an extended trip, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun. All you have to do is pack a picnic basket in the trunk of your car and head to a scenic location near your home. Look for peaceful lakesides or parks that are easily accessible by road.

Don’t forget to carry a cooler with your favorite drinks and snacks. You can even bring a small table and a few chairs to enjoy a cozy lunch under the clear blue sky.

Enjoy a Long Drive

Sometimes, driving without a destination in mind is all you need to feel rejuvenated. This is ideal for people who like making impromptu travel plans. If you live in a city, you can drive to the outskirts for a breath of fresh air. You can also visit a nearby town or the countryside for an enriching cultural experience.

The key to enjoying a hassle-free long drive is to ensure that your car is in its best working condition. Before you leave, don’t forget to fill the gas tank and check the tires and battery. Make sure your phone is fully charged as well since you’re going to need it to check the route, as well as to play your favorite road trip playlist. We recommend that you start your journey early in the morning to avoid traffic and enjoy a peaceful day.

Visit a Drive-in Theater

While the concept of drive-in theaters isn’t new, the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified its popularity. Whether you love vintage classics or the latest blockbusters, watching a movie with your loved ones under a star-studded sky is an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for ideas for a romantic date night, or a fun family outing, this is just the right fit.

If movies aren’t your thing, you can even look for drive-in concerts and shows. From musical performances to stand-up acts – you’ll find a wide variety of options but don’t forget to book the tickets in advance. Take your outing up a notch by embarking on a tranquil evening drive after the show.

Plan a Day Trip

A holiday is the right time to indulge in new experiences and explore places that you’ve always wanted to visit, for instance a hiking trail just a stone’s throw away from your town. As long as you have a car, preparing for the day trip is going to be a cakewalk.

Give Your Car a Makeover

Are you someone who enjoys an occasional dose of retail therapy? How about taking your car for a spa day? From replenished seat covers and utility mats, to decorative decals and lights – you can dress up your car with a plethora of accessories. This can be a great way to soothe your inner shopper, while getting your car ready for your next getaway.