At DK-Easy, we always strive to deliver the best experience to our customers. Whether you’re getting fuel for your car or buying snacks from our stores, we want you to have the best experience.

Besides curating a vast collection of treats, beverages, and fresh produce, we’ve also implemented a low-contact self-checkout system. We leave no stone unturned to ensure our customers’ comfort and convenience.

That’s what has motivated us to revamp our loyalty program and introduce an all-new High Octane Rewards program.

If you’re an existing member or have always wanted to get into the exclusive High Octane Rewards program, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s everything you need to know about our brand new loyalty program:

High Octane Rewards: The Benefits

If you’re a returning customer, you’re already familiar with the original High Octane Rewards program. If you’re new here, it’s a membership that gives you access to various exclusive discounts, free gifts, and other perks.

The new High Octane Rewards program offers all the benefits you’d expect from the original one with a few additional perks.

These member-exclusive benefits include:

  • Discounts
  • In-store offers
  • Birthday-special offers
  • Additional gifts and prizes

Discounts: Enjoy ultimate savings with a $0.03 discount per gallon of fuel at our gas stations. We offer bonus fuel discounts too.

In-Store Offers: Save money on your grocery store runs with our excellent in-store discounts and offers. Whether you’re buying chocolates, gum, or wafers, save a few extra dollars with your membership.

The program also offers a “Buy 5, Get 1” deal on beverages, such as coffee, carbonated beverages, and frozen drinks.

You can avail of these discounts at any of our participating stores.

Birthday Offers: We know that birthdays are special to all our customers. That’s why you get access to exclusive birthday offers, freebies, and prizes with your High Octane membership.

Additional Prizes: At DK-Easy, we love surprising our loyal customers with new offers and deals. The High Octane membership lets you access numerous cool prizes and perks every month.

We send regular SMS updates about the latest offers to our members. It’s our way of thanking you for helping us grow the DK/ALON brand.

5 Easy Ways to Become a Member

One of the best things about the High Octane Rewards program is the ease with which anyone can become a member. All you need is a valid 10-digit US mobile phone number.

You can register as a member through the following channels:


Click here to join now & save


Text SAVE to 48785 from your mobile device

*Standard text messaging rates will apply


Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera (here or at your local DK/ALON station)


Select “Enter Loyalty ID” on the screen and enter your 10-digit mobile phone number


Ask the cashier how to sign up when you’re ready to check out

Claiming Your Benefits

Claiming your High Octane Rewards benefits is as simple as registering for the membership. You have to provide your Loyalty ID (phone number) to claim member-exclusive deals and discounts while making any purchase.

Do note that you’ll always have to provide your phone number while checking out to claim the rewards as the usage of the rewards card has been discontinued now.

What Happens to the Original Rewards Program?

We’ll no longer continue with the original program. If you’re an existing member, we’ve already migrated you to the new program. You can continue to enjoy member-exclusive benefits by providing your phone number at DK/ALON gas stations and stores.

If you’re wondering whether to keep your High Octane Rewards card, we recommend that you do away with it. We’re doing our best to implement a completely cardless ecosystem. But instead of tossing your card in the trash, consider sending it to a recycling center.

We should mention here that we’ve discontinued the points program. If you had any points on your High Octane Rewards card, they’re no longer redeemable. Also, you won’t get additional points on any future purchases.

But who needs points when you’ve got access to such irresistible offers, including a $0.03 discount per gallon of fuel.

Best-in-Class Offers for Our Loyal Customers

We believe that the success of the DK/ALON brand is a direct outcome of the unflinching support we’ve received from customers. The all-new High Octane Rewards program is our token of gratitude to each loyal customer.

Whether you’re shopping at a DK/ALON store or heading to a DK-Easy pump, you can claim excellent member-exclusive benefits. If you’ve been looking for a way to save money on your purchases, there isn’t a better opportunity.

Visit the High Octane Rewards website for more details about the program and sign-up as a member today. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries.