Best Road Trip Snacks for Spring Break

On the road again! It’s no secret that long road trips can be a pain. Especially when you become hungry during a long strip without any restaurants, fast food chains or truck stops. The next time that hunger strikes and you think that you have to settle for a quick power bar from a Speedway or 7-Eleven think again. 

Instead, consider these tasty alternatives for the whole family. 

When you want a meal…
Most major service stops have some kind of hot foods section. While the quality of the food and the options may change depending on the location and time of day, you can usually find at least one of the following “entree” ideas. 

  • Roller hot dogs 
  • Pizza 
  • Breakfast sandwiches 
  • Taquitos 
  • Chicken tenders 
  • Uncrustables (vegan option) 
  • Jerky (beef or turkey) 

Healthy alternatives…
Road trips can prove difficult for those who are on a special diet or who are overall watching what they eat. When we think of stopping at a gas station, our minds often go to cups of coffee and a pack of mini donuts or an energy drink and a bag of chips. However, there are some healthier options hiding within the isles. Next time try one of these: 

  • Pretzels 
  • All natural popcorn 
  • Pistachios, almonds, or other raw nuts (vegan and paleo friendly) 
  • Greek yogurt 
  • Baby Bells or string cheese sticks 
  • Fruit (vegan and paleo friendly) 
  • Almond Butter Packs (paleo option) 
  • Hummus and carrots 
  • Chex Mix (vegan option) 
  • KIND bars 

For the kids or picky eaters…
If you’re traveling with a full car, it can be hard to find a stop that everyone agrees on. The good thing about a pit stop at a gas station is the various options. If you’re traveling with children or have an exceptionally picky passenger, almost everyone has a hard time saying no to the following options. 

  • Fruit (vegan and paleo friendly) 
  • Kids yogurt 
  • String cheese 
  • Combos 
  • Trail mix 
  • Honey roasted nuts 
  • Cheese or peanut butter crackers 
  • Chocolate covered almonds, peanuts, or raisins 
  • Unfrosted Pop-Tarts (vegan option) 
  • Pretzels plain or chocolate covered 

As well as having filling and savory snacks, most highway stops will also have delicious frozen treats for everyone from popsicles to novelty ice cream sandwiches. You can also find a verity of different drink options. Most places will have a hot coffee bar as well as a selection of flavored waters, sports drinks, protein shakes, energy drinks, sodas, and juices. So whether you’re in the mood for lunch or a snack while out on the road, a gas station can save you time and be your best friend. 

Safe travels everyone!