Back to School Carpool Tips

With kids, both young and old, across the country, starting back to school, so starts the carpools. Use these tips to help ensure that everyone is excited for their day, are ready to learn, and look forward to every pick up.

Start the day right – Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But not every kid has time or the means to fill their bellies before school every day. Be prepared on days that you’re in charge of pick up and have a few snacks packed. Granola bars, fruit, and yogurts make excellent snacks on the go.

Plan ahead – Make a list of everyone that you’ve committed to picking up and from where. Then, decide the order and the route that you’ll travel, making sure you know where each location is.

Gas up – You don’t want to be the reason everyone is late to school. Make sure that you have enough gas to complete your route before having to stop to fill up or running out on the way there.

Make it fun – For some, school can be a scary place. Help get everyone excited for their day by implementing a sense of fun into the drive. Prompt a fun car game or do your take on Carpool Karaoke.

Maximize the moment – You’re not going to enjoy being the driver every time it is your turn. Some days are going to be inconvenient and those that you pick up will be irritating. Do your best to remember that your days as the driver can someday be remembered as wonderful memories.

Coffee – There’s no doubt that you’ll want to be awake and alert while having so much precious cargo. Make sure that you leave enough time in your morning for your daily caffeine kick! If Starbucks is your vice then there’s no harm in mobile ordering and sending a kid to run in on the way.

Put the phone down – One reason it is so important to plan is so that you’re not tempted to be on your phone while driving.

Refresh your safety tips – You can’t do school without school busses. Please remember that when the school bus has the ‘STOP’ arm out, it is illegal to pass the bus no matter which way you might be traveling. Give yourself extra time of a morning as there will likely be several out completing pickup routes just like you.

This checklist, along with regular maintenance and care of your vehicle, can help you to have all the tools to set your child up for success. Happy back-to-school season, may this year be the best one yet!